Saturday, February 28, 2009

Samson the Funny

Okay, I am a horrible blogger. Here lately I just don't get much facetime with my laptop. We got a new puppy because (1) I had a moment of complete insanity/lack of judgement and (2) I forgot how much time and effort puppies consume. Oh well, it's done and I just have to SIU (Suck it up if you are unfamiliar with Chuckisms). Here's a silver lining...Samson (new puppy) is HILIAROUS. He is some sort of beagle mix - we won't be sure what else there is until he gets a little bigger. He barks at all hours (still after two months) and doesn't completely get the housebreaking thing. He grabs anything he's not supposed to (shoes, shirts, socks, rugs) and runs full speed at Lacie the cat. But, he is incredibly funny and keeps me entertained. Things that Samson does to redeem himself:

Chasing the cube...just give him an ice cube. He will try to eat it, but he hasn't learned how to keep it in his mouth so it slips out. He tries to pounce on it to regain control and it slides away. He pounces again...same result. This goes on until either the ice melts (which leaves him wondering where it went) or he manages to pin it with both paws and get it back into his mouth. Then it slips out again and it all starts over again.

There is no joy like a puppy expresses when its feeding time. And he is talented. He can eat laying down, sitting, or standing.

We have a rooster for a neighbor. Yes we live in town, but it's Alamo. I take Samson out in the morning to, well you know, and the rooster crows. He runs to the door and looks at me like I must be mad. Do I not know that the killer creature making that noise is probably going to eat us both if we don't return to the safety of our den immediately?

Samson will do anything for cat food. We buy expensive all-natural allergy formula food because our other dog Griz has allergy issues. In the dog food world, we are feeding our dogs prime rib. Lacie the cat eats cheap stuff because she is low-maintenance. Samson loves her cheap Meow Mix much better than his fancy shmancy dog food. It has been instrumental in getting him to sit, stay, and voluntarily go into his crate.

I guess, despite constantly having to be armed with Resolve Carpet Cleaner and Odorban, Samson is worth the investment. Oh, and I can just throw away the alarm clock because at 5:45 sharp each morning (Samson is not a respector of Saturday mornings) he is throwing a barking fit to be released from his room. He has done all the damage he can possibly do to his room...he needs another challenge.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So this is blogging?

So I am finally going to blog. I have held out for quite some time because I just could not think of anything to, write. Why would anyone read it? I am still not sure why people blog, but it seems pretty popular and I am primarily a sheep, following the shepard of popular culture blindly hoping for green grass. Actually, that's a total lie. I am a sheep, my shepard is Jesus Christ, and my hope is for a deep, meaningful relationship with God. That sums up my spiritual beliefs concisely.

Back to why people blog - I have always enjoyed writing, I'm just not sure anyone will enjoy reading what I write. But, then again, there are lots of things floating in cyberspace that I don't enjoy reading. I think I will counter that with stuff I do like to read (i.e., my stuff).

Almost daily there is something I encounter that makes me roll my eyes and my mouth say "Oh come on!" Since this occurs frequently, why not document it? Later I can look back and say "Aha, I was right!" Being right is always a reason to celebrate. I celebrate often, just ask my husband.

Well see how this goes. It might be interesting.